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Is it worth Advertising on Facebook(2018)

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, Yet many people to claim that Facebook is dead, There are Other apps that have much more engagement than Facebook etc…

But the question is, Is it really dead?

Well, Not exactly and here’s why…

Facebook is a huge community, Its one of the fastest growing companies in the US.

According to 2017, Facebook had about 2Billion(approx) monthly users, Which is Considerably more than other platforms like youtube, snapchat. Etc

If you were to move into advertising online, Facebook could be considered as a cheaper option for you.

Facebook Ads, If done correctly could be more Effective as it allows us to target a specific audience which could generate better leads.

Well after looking at all of this, You might be wondering how the hell did facebook grow so fast….. the secret is, Facebook decided to give its users the best user experience.

For example: Facebook does generate revenue from its Ad services, But they decided not to disrupt the user experience for it like youtube, Youtube plays 4 to 30 seconds ads that don’t really yield a good experience to the user.

Facebook has a fair approach to this, Facebook ads are usually in the news feeds or the side space that would be empty otherwise, So it’s not interrupting the user.

So is it really worth advertising on Facebook?………………The answer is yes, This platform has a lot of potentials to generate leads, and ultimately customers for your business. Facebook, this far have made their best effort to keep up with the standards and they will continue to do that.


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Is it worth Advertising on Facebook(2018)

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, Yet many ...

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