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Unusual ways to earn online money

Unusual ways to earn online money

It is the dream of everyone to earn more money and enjoy a better lifestyle for themselves and family than the one that the person is presently living. Of course, the Web’s workforce is not all business as usual; there are plenty of odd jobs filling the world’s cyber-cubicles, too.

Trading your hair

Websites like specialize in online hair sales. Anyone can post a listing for free, then potential hair-buyers, a title folks don’t proudly display on their business cards bid on the soon-to-be-chopped tresses. An average bundle brings in around $500, while the really impressive manes go for thousands.

A healthy $3,600 for 27 inches of thick, gorgeously long, body-filled hair.

It was not just length or body that made the $3,600 hair so special, though. According to its former owner, the fibers had never been dyed, permed, or mechanically dried. That is what people in the biz call virgin hair and hair-buyers are willing to pay a pretty penny for it. Jamie Benzies is a proud hair virgin who is hoping to cash in. His 15-inches of curls are described on the site as beautiful and thick tawny brown. While Benzies says he has gotten a fair amount of spammy responses to his ad, he has also attracted some genuine interest and he is optimistic he will end up walking away with his wallet well-filled.

Enter virtual court

A growing number of sites are now offering cash if you’ll help lawyers simulate a trial. And you can even do it in your pajamas. Attorneys for years have thought they’re kind of psychologists when it comes to picking juries. The more demographic background we can get them about each juror, the better off they are.

eJury and other similar sites assemble region-specific pools of people to review cases, ranging from a couple of pages to more than a dozen, and then give their opinions on a handful of questions. This gives lawyers insight into how different members of a real jury might respond to arguments when the case actually goes to court.

Become online life coach

Despite its social media expert reminiscent name, the job of online life coach is actually a real paying position and one that has some pretty appealing perks, too. There is no demand on hours or time zones. You coach clients according to your schedule and your preferences, and you are very free to create your own structure within the program.

The program could be anything from weight loss to business development. There are also slightly more saucy subjects things like love, sex, and online dating success. Getting a gig as an online life coach isn’t necessarily easy. Most of the reputable sites require some type of relevant training in your area of expertise; some offer their own in-site training programs if you need a helping hand.

Homework tutor

Helping a high schooler with algebra from seven states away may seem somewhat unusual, but in the Web-connected world, it’s easy to do and it can add up to a lot of extra cash. Websites like create virtual classrooms where you can sign up to tutor students. You do not have to be a professional teacher to pull it off, either. Anyone with the right smarts can score a spot.

Joshua Riddell started tutoring online when he was a grad student. Now a full-time software engineer, Riddell continues to work in his spare time as a mentor. To not have to get dressed and drive somewhere to be able to just sit down at a computer at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. and there is a job, it is well worth it. You can make some really good money. Riddell tutors students on numerous subjects, but you can also opt to specialize: Most online tutoring sites serve students from elementary school-level all the way through high school or even college. The subjects typically include English, math, science, and social studies.

Giving text messages

You have probably heard of ChaCha, the service that lets you text in any question and get an answer back in minutes. But you might not know you could be the one on the other end, receiving all sorts of questions and tapping back responses. ChaCha guides, as they are called, sign in to answer questions anytime they like, for as long as they like. They get paid between 10 and 20 cents per question. It may not seem like a lot, but if you are quick enough, it can be a painless way to put extra bills in your back pocket while you’re sitting around at home.

Chacha user estimates spending around 20 to 30 hours a week doing the ChaCha cha-cha. From that, she earns enough to cover all the groceries for her family of five. You couldn’t make a living out of it, but it is very good for someone who is a mother or a college student and wants to make some extra money.

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