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Tips to grow as a personal brand

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is people marketing their personality and their career as a brand. They tend to build an image of what they do with their names. For example: If you are a photographer, you have been putting out your work since 7-8 years, and its been appreciated by thousands of people, the moment the hear your name, the first thing that comes to their mind is photography.

Growing as a personal brand is a time consuming process especially if you are starting from scratch.

Here are 3 basic tips that would help you to grow as a personal brand.

Tips :

#1 Define your niche: As mentioned earlier, personal branding is all about how people anticipate, about your personality/career/skill when they hear your name.

To establish an image, You need to be very sure about how you want yourself to be portrayed.

To define your niche, You need to think about what are the things that you want to be known for and what’s your target market.

#2 Develop your skills: As of now, you might be good at something but you need to make sure that you’re the best at what you do because the market out there is too hot. Being the best is not easy, It requires dedication, hardwork, motivation etc.. etc…. etc

#3 Promote yourself: Just working on your skill isn’t enough, You need to know how to promote yourself. Personal branding is all about promoting yourself and building a strong impression in front of your audience.

The best means to get popular is social media. Social media is  a cheaper/ easier way to get recognized. You could use apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat(even though Snapchat is dying, it still has a decent amount of users on it), LinkedIn to your advantage.


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