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Take part in online surveys and earn more money

Take part in online surveys and earn more money

Global Test Market

is a trustworthy site, open to everyone worldwide, and rewards you even when you are unqualified for the survey. You will receive a number of survey invitations.

Vindale Research

offers constant interesting and new  research tasks to its members. An offer will typically earn you between $1 and $5, with occasional opportunities for earning extra money of between $30 and $65. It is supported on multiple OS, platforms and browsers.


pays between 500 – 30,000 points for an offer. You can cash out from $20 in via retail vouchers or PayPal.  Toluna has specialized apps for Apple and Android mobile devices which only require  an internet connection.

Brand Institute

members aid in the naming and development of new drugs, products and healthcare. It is ideal for nurses, physicians and pharmacists.


accepts participants from the age of 16 years. Payment is via Paypal and is done a fortnight after completing a survey. Each completed survey pays a minimum of $1USD.

Pinecone Research

pay members $3 per survey. This is one of the most popular survey companies out today. Payments are done within 24 hours after completion of surveys.

Harris Poll

has an extremely low minimum withdrawal of 100 points. You can expect approximately 7-10 new survey  invites per week.


is an online survey where you can participate in interesting surveys. When you qualify for the current surveys demographic, you can get started immediately.

Paid Viewpoint

uses a TraitScore to assess members. Members that are honest with their traits and demographics and who give honest opinions, get higher traitscores and more opportunities for income.

Survey Savvy

pays  up to $20 or even more for completed  surveys. Surveysavvy is especially advantageous for computer and IT professionals.

The Panel Station

is a unique consumers’ community who participate actively in expressing their opinions on products and services via online surveys. You will get250 points upon registration and earn more as you participate.

My View

invites you to take part in free paid surveys that are based on information you provide when registering. You earn myview points when you complete surveys. Points are also earned for referring friends.

Inbox Dollars

provides you with daily opportunities and chances to earn money from playing games online or just searching the web. It is available via nearly any operating system and platform.


earns you $1 for every answered survey question. Every time you give an answer the PollBuzzer account is deposited with $1 once the question expires. Earnings are redeemable weekly via PayPal.


pays you for taking questionnaires that evaluate websites. Members are called earning spider points. Points are redeemable for cash and paid via PayPal. Members in Australia can also be paid by check.

Fusion Cash

will pay you $5 just for registering, shopping, watching videos, completing minor tasks, and for searching the web.

Nielsen Digital Voice

pays you for voicing your opinion. It also offers multiple channels for earning.

Opinionate Research

operates in communities within 20 countries around the world. You can earn $1.50-$15.00 for every completed survey

Online Global Recruiting

earns you cash when you complete an online survey. Payment is done via PayPal or check

Treasure Trooper

pays you for taking surveys, testing products and taking of free samples. Completing offers, signing up for free trials, referring friends, joining clubs, refer friends, and shopping for your own merchandise. It has a game that is known as treasure hunt that pays out $100 for every winner. Members can get instant payment upon making an activation fee.

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