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Social media: basics to make money

If you happen to be willing to seek to promote your carrier on social media, this article is all about the basics of how you can make money out of it as a social media marketing expert.

There are three main ways on how it all works.

1. Building your personal brand.

Building a personal brand is not as difficult as it used to be back then when we didn’t have internet. But for that we first need to understand on what on earth is personal brand. Personal branding is the act of marketing yourself and your careers as brands.. For example if you are a photographer, People know that this guy is best at taking this type of pictures. In this case you are your own boss. Social media platforms are the best option to promote yourself and to get clients/business.

2. Promoting other brand.

Once you have established an audience and you know that your audience is engaged with your social media, you can use your name to do affiliate marketing for other brands. You can take up paid promotion contracts and set deals with other businesses that are maybe in the same niche as you but don’t really have the potential traffic that you have. And to be honest you are just simply making money with your phone. The more traffic you redirect to your client, the more you get paid. Now this isn’t that easy. It takes months or maybe years of persistence but if you are ready to give your time and effort. It will pay off better.

3. Handling other businesses social media.

This has a lot to do with you being a social media expert in specific. In this case you make proposals to several businesses to make them realize the importance of an online presence and how they can boost their sales/revenue if they give you that opportunity. Now it sounds very simple but it does take a lot of work and studies to keep up with the market.



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