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The 21st century is a time of immense potential for those who want an unconventional lifestyle which gives them time as also money so as to pursue both life and their hobbies. These are the times of freelancing where you use your specialization to earn money from home online or offline doing things in which you have an apparent specialization. Apparently, even if you do not have any specialization but have a keen eye and the want of money, there are sites which tell you how to earn money through checking of websites

One easy way to earn money working from home online is that of reviewing websites and apps. We tell you the reason why and how.

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Every website and/ or app is built with the express interest of accomplishing a few objectives like informing, interactions, selling and asking for information. In doing these objectives, these websites/ apps ought to pass through the following tests, namely:

  • Test of functionality
  • Test of usability
  • Test of interfacing between elements of the website/ app and/ or other website, apps, and platforms
  • Test of compatibility of technology used for a particular website/ app for its own unique purpose
  • Test of a performance of a website/ app vis-à-vis set standards
  • Test of security of information on a particular website/ app

All these tests as it may be apparent are very useful to make a website/ app sound for its particular purpose and without which it shall defeat its purpose and end up being a waste of time and money.

With the concept of big business in the domain of services falling by the wayside, the idea of farming out these tests to individuals using the means of the internet for speed, accuracy, and ease is catching up rather fast. For sums as low as USD 10-15 per activity, it means that the developer of the website as also its users, can have a functionally strong website/ app at a fraction of the cost he/ she/ they would otherwise pay where they had to employ a full-time on-employment media

What it entails is the following:

  • Register yourself on sites such as,,,
  • Most do not ask for an off-hand payment and ask the registering person to either submit some information showing proficiency in work or ask the registering person to do a particular activity so as to check the website/ app’s efficacy at their end
  • Some basic information has to be furnished for the employer to know whether the person registering is a genuine party and has the capability of doing the tasks assigned.
  • Testing could be of various kinds like testing language skills, tech skills, observation skills or simply asking the person registering to look at an image and give a response.
  • Payments typically are day-based and in most instances are paid after a week. What it means is that there would be a time-lag of a week before a payment is made. If you have worked on a particular Monday of the week, your payment for that day shall be credited to your account on the next Monday.
  • Payments within the country are typically done by bank transfers/ ECS. Outside the country payments mostly come thru sites like Paypal.
  • Testing can range from USD 5.00 to USD 50.00 per assignment depending upon the kind of job asked to be done. Tougher jobs can be paid more, and easier ones less. If the failure rates are high, sometimes the entire amount gets forfeited.
  • With known sites, the chances of getting duped are low as they are a worldwide body with clearly-defined guidelines which are adhered to strictly. Newer ones also come up but one needs to get them ratified or run the risk of losing all their hard-earned apps

So on the question of how to earn money through websites, or earning money online or work-from-home to earn or even online earning sites, what we say is that it is an easy way to earn money PROVIDED:

  • You have the time to spare
  • You have some skill that is put to good use
  • You have the right infrastructure and attitude
  • AND most of all, you don’t mind sitting all alone and working for your own good!

If you have the above, well this is one way of earning a good some of the money and definitely worth trying!

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make money using website

Review website & apps for making money

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