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Podcast and the way to make money online!

As far as communication goes, there couldn’t be anything better than the net. It is fast, efficient, reaches the whole world and most of all, changes every second for the better! From emails to social media to whatsapp to videos, there are no limits to what the net can do for humanity- that is provided you get the time to see things on any device of your choice, be it the mobile phone, a tap or a PC.

What if you are short of time or are in a situation where it is not really easy to access any of these gadgets to see what you want to see? That’s when the idea of podcasts makes so much sense. Download it (yes, you do need a proper internet connection with a decent-enough speed!) and see it at your convenience. Imagine yourself in a rickety car or going on a bad road which makes it impossible to see anything on any device. Wouldn’t it be so nice if you could hear and see the same as a video? Or of that matter, there are these things which are best explained live i.e., in the form  of a video as compared to reading about it- recipes for example or travel videos.

On how to make it a money spinner, we give you a few tips below:

  1. Find a niche for yourself- A broad one and a narrow one.

A generalist making a podcast on a mundane topic does not get much leeway these days. With time in short supply, the last thing most folks need is someone droning away on a very general topic. Instead, find yourself a niche field and make a killing making a video of it! For example, you have this novel way to clean ceiling fans. Yes, in the Indian context, given the dirt in our air, this could be a very fruitful topic! And do not restrict yourself to just one thing.

Have a larger topic to speak about, and smaller ones within that. Your fan ceiling can be part of house-cleaning activities

  1. On developing a niche, identify what one likes most and whether there are those who value it and are ready to spend time watching you do things. This calls for audience identification. Have something unique to present in you podcasts otherwise you stand to lose audience fast.
  2. Do you go solo or would there be others on your shows? Suppose you want to talk about something which invariably needs to be told; cooking for instance or cleaning. These activities call for including others on the screen. If their presence is essential to the show, never shy away.
  3. Name your podcasts innovatively. With so much competition on the cards, standing out can be a problem. Try being innovative with the name which is unique and tells the world you intent.
  4. Structure your podcasts. Extempore talk is not great for all occasions. So, create a script which has a proper structure and demarcations. These should be keeping in mind what you want to project and what your audience would want to listen to.
  5. Get yourself the best microphone. No one wants to inaudible or barely audible podcasts. It’s a waste of time and can irritate most folks. To avoid losing on much-needed audience, the one thing that you ought to do is to get yourself a good (though not too expensive) microphone.
  6. Get people on your shows. Agreed you may be short on budgets but not every celebrity or specialist works for big budgets. If you can’t get them, get the second best! BUT, get them. Bringing guests to your show adds to its value. Your audience may even look forward to your shows to know more. Additionally, you too can gain from it in terms of knowledge.
  7. Chose the right platform to host your show

Once you have the right podcast prepared, in the correct audio format and have shown it to people who are masters in the field, take it across to platforms such as Soundcloud, Podbean, Podomatic, Libsyn, Amazon S3 or Fireside for their views and whether they would like to launch your feature. Depending upon these platforms and their needs, you may have to tweek things. Don’t shy away from the same if they guarantee a launch.

For now, this is all there is to Podcasting folks. We shall get back when newer and better stuff comes in.

Till then, Podcast yourself away to success!


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