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How to make money through youtube

For anyone using the net, if there is one site nobody misses out on, it is Youtube. Be it for a recipe, for information, movie clips or the latest news video, this IS the place to come to!

What if we tell you Youtube can help you earn money as well! Surprised? Don’t. Because today with so much going in the name of advertising, the one channel which espouses only videos sure WILL give you the right source to earn. And in some cases, earn BIG!

Today we tell you all there is on how to earn money from youtube videos!

  • Find the right niche for yourself!

Right from story-telling to explaining how to cook and clean to how to earn money from youtube videos to even designing and producing a space-craft, everything can be a niche in which you can make your own video- provided YOU are confident of making a good video because there is nothing more irritating than a badly-produced video on an important and interesting topic.

Select your topic with care and caution because it’s not simply about a video. If done right, it can earn you a lot of money, and more importantly, a massive fan-following which if used correctly can take you places!

Also, not all niche will result in earning money. Examples abound on the set of videos that do not make it to even the most basic of standards. Forget making money. They won’t find even lay visitors to their sites. If you are serious, speak with someone who has a successful video on youtube. It could be in the same business as yours. Even if it is not, an experience is an experience and worth knowing about.

  1. Create your own customized youtube channel with its own URL as opposed to those which come under the youtube URL. On how to make money through youtube, this is important as it shall later give you more viewership through organic searches. There IS a long-winding process involved but it is worth the efforts gave that you get your own organic viewership and fan following
  2. Make a dedicated content strategy to attract the right kind of viewers: Not all the ways on how to make money through youtube videos are successful given that their makers do not take the trouble of creating dedicated content strategies. This includes using Analytics to understand trends in particular fields and what people in that field want to see. Once you get the hang of it, use that as a base to fine-tune your videos. Ask your viewers what specifically they would like to see on your channel and then formulate your content likewise
  3. Include your channel into Google’s AdSense program: Again there is a process involved but once you get over it, you can expect small sums of money to come to you from whatever ads are linked to your sites. Since you are just the anchor of an advertisement, the earning will be small. But it is not the money here. If the advertisement is of a known and admired product, you get to benefit as it adds to your prestige to be hosting them and shows your channel in the right light.
  4. Promote your channel to help it make money through youtube: Start small by asking your near and dear ones to give their comments and push ahead of your videos through their channels. For this reason (if nothing else!), having a large circle of friends helps immensely. And yes, organic growth may take time BUT guarantees you the kind of following which inorganic can never. Beyond organic promotions, use the likes of facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc to further promote your youtube channel. On how to make money through videos on the youtube channel, one good way is to use paid advertisements, backlinking, affiliate marketing and even directly asking your viewers to promote your videos.

These are but some of the ways in which one can earn money by making youtube videos. In times to come, we shall come out with more ways on how to make money through youtube videos!

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