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Make money using online typing

The net had done two distinct things in the world of jobs these days. One, it has taken apart the concept of a 9 to 5 “job” where you get paid for sitting and doing things in an office. The other is to bring back the same jobs in large numbers through the internet and digital media to workers all over the planet.

Yes, you can now make money through online jobs from home! For an employer, it is cheap, it is fast and it is fairly accurate. And you get support from a large force of workers wherever they are on the planet! You can make money online by many, many means these days- provided you know enough about them! Today we tell you to how to make money through online jobs sitting at home.


  • Make money using online typing!


This is the simplest way to make money. People post simple jobs which they wanted re-printed all over again. Mostly, it is copy-written material that they needed re-written with the bare minimum of changes. BEWARE THOUGH. Quite a few of these so-called “easy jobs” are actually frauds where the intention is to ask applicants to simply pay a registration fee and on getting it, simply scoot! Other frauds are to make the job so tough to accomplish that people invariably lose money, get disheartened and leave, and leave behind a healthy sum for the employer to gorge on.

The really good ones do exist. It’s just that one needs to know who is genuine. Ideally, one can get most of these jobs in the local area through entities like lawyers, publishers etc who need constant stuff to be written.


  • Typing captchas


Anyone familiar with the world of online security would know for sure that most sites ask the visitor to type what is shown on the screen. The words and numerals are often distorted and meant to test whether it is a human or a machine trying to enter the site. This is to keep out bots who invariably enter sites and leave behind viruses and spam. Typing captchas which can later be put before visitors on any website is thus an activity in itself. It is a worthwhile activity but can never be categorized as being so important as to employ a person full-time. So, they are farmed online for the world to make money. Going online, one can find a million websites which ask people to type out captchas and pay them on a weekly basis. Go with only known websites as otherwise, you run the risk of getting cheated.


  • Transcription services


There was once a service (it exists in parts even now) to make money online by typing called medical transcription services. Essentially it meant seeing the Doctor’s prescription or reports and typing out the same on a keyboard and converting hand-written stuff into a digital format. With time, computers with voices commands have replaced human operators and competition have made this once-lucrative industry not all that great now. But scope exists in a different form. The entertainment industry and any industry which needs the service of converting spoken content on videos to written content still uses the services of transcriptionists. Register on known websites to make money online by typing predefined work. This being a fairly straightforward work, the chances of being cheated is low.


  • Proper writing services like blogging, content editing, and curation:


Next and most importantly is the activity online of writing original stuff like blogs besides actively editing and curating what others have written. All these require some degree of understanding of language, its idioms, and idiosyncrasies before one can become a success. On how to make money by typing online, yes there is typing here BUT it is original and not simply typing from predefined sources. You are asked to state your mind and your understanding.

Typing is one industry which is slowly but surely being taken over by machines which can listen and reproduce exactly what it heard. In the absence of all the negatives which a human employee carries, it does seem promising.

But, there is a limit to what machines can do. And it is here that humans can make a mark by being where it matters and earning a living by typing online.

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