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Make money using online gaming

Won’t it be nice if you play games online and are paid for it! It would ideally be a double whammy! Play your favorite games AND while you are at it, get paid for it. Agreed it won’t fetch you loads of money but won’t it feel nice to get paid for an activity you otherwise do just for enjoyment!

Welcome to the exciting world of online games which help earn real money! They pay you so that you stick around and keep playing some more and look at all the advertisements that they put before you while you are playing.

In the field of online games that help you earn money the following are front-runners in India as of now:

Rummy Circle:

A site dedicated to lovers of rummy online, it allows one to start playing rummy online for free initially before you get the hang of it and then introduce to you the paid version of the game. Their biggest USP is the fact that they even give you cues so that you play with your mind and not simply to lose. Playing here is anything but fun! It is but with a degree of seriousness. And to keep the feel of a real money game, they do not leak details of the players which means your identity is safe with them.


Play online games to earn money and play the real stuff! India’s Biggest online gaming site with over 2 crores (and growing!) players who play everything from cricket to football and even kabaddi! And best of all, you play now and get paid by evening! Yes, it pays you right away! As to how you play games here, you need to first select an event, a match with your own team and enter the context. And hey bingo, you are into it!


If it’s poker you enjoy, this IS the place to be, the best place to earn money playing games online in India. Besides other forms of poker and that too in large, a large number and many, many games online, one can play Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em Poker. For those of you who are sheer professionals in the field of real money games online, there is also Horse Poker in all of its glory! The site’s USP remains their extremely player-friendly UI which allows for an incredibly fast and swift gaming environment.

The player here can either play matches by themselves or be part of established tournaments. And if you win, you get cash prizes. With their apparent seriousness towards their cause, pokerbaazi has a very active and dedicated client-service team which await the opportunity to make life easy for players!


Another rummy site to play online games and earn money, its USP is the fact that you earn REAL MONEY and not some crazy currency which a site might have created on its own. And if you are still not satisfied with their USP, know for a fact that there are close to 75 lacs of players who swear by this site when it comes to earning money by playing online games either playing rummy individually or in a tournament!

Classic Rummy:

If classic rummy interests you, this is THE site to earn money through online games. Play online and win to your heart’s content. One can join tournaments for the fee as low as Rs 5.00 per game. If classic rummy interests you, look nowhere AT ALL! This site where you can play games online bonuses and promotional activities can get you some amazing gifts and prizes! So, go for the best online games to make money online!

Here you go, folks! The list of India’s most admired of online sites where you can earn money playing games online!

If you have the heart, go for it. And luck is with you and you earn handsome sums!


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