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Make money using network marketing

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For an individual entrepreneur struggling to grow, employing even a solitary office-boy can sometimes be onerous given the very limited income he/ she earns besides other constraints like time and place. Constraints also take place when the right candidate remains unavailable. It is in such constraints that the concept of networking marketing comes in handy. In fact, in today’s age of digitization and cyber-communication where most business actions- other than physically providing goods and commodities can be done without the need for a physical presence, the idea of having a “virtual marketing force” which is central to network marketing appears quite interesting!

Some mistake network marketing with “multi-level marketing”, the latter being a much-maligned idea given the number of Ponzi-like schemes which have the backing of “multi-level marketing”. In fact where the two concepts differ is in the motivation to do business and the way rewards and remunerations are apportioned. In MLM, the idea is to have a sales-force “at arm’s length which develops its own sales-force down the line in a never-ending chain. The product to be sold mostly remains the same and a part of the commission how-so-ever-small finds its way back to the originator of the chain. And herein lies the criminality! IT FEEDS ON SOMEONE ELSE’S HARD WORK AS A MEANS OF SURVIVAL!

Network marketing, on the other hand, is about selling products to a known group of individuals – WITHOUT THE EXPECTATION OF GETTING ANYTHING BACK IN THE FORM OF COMMISSION! The group of individuals could be one’s own friends and their friends or could be part of a professional network. Till a while back, Network Marketing was wholly a physical activity where one physically went (practically) door to door selling one’s wares or went to select known places to sell. Word-of-mouth and the telephone were the entrepreneur’s greatest friends. Today with digitization and the cyber world, the need to move out and walk the street has reduced considerably. One just needs to enter certain forums and inform, and things happen on their own! Add to that digital promotion in all its form! The earning you thus get from network marketing can sometimes be phenomenal!

On how to make money using network marketing, the following steps are essential:

  1. Identify your interest area(s) right down to the last detail and do your research extensively. DO NOT DEPEND UPON PROFESSIONAL PROJECT REPORTS. They take away the element of hard work and everything that comes with hard work. Your money-flows, raw materials, intended audience, markets, likely expenses etc are details you should know like the back of your hand.
  2. Identify your target audience and all their characteristics in detail. If you don’t take this step, your dream of “how to make money using network marketing” will remain just that, a dream! Right down to seasons, trends, likes and dislikes etc should be mapped out.
  3. Identify the place you would operate from. This is important in your overall question of “how to make money using network marketing” since it will determine how many hours you spend on your work and how many you waste.
  4. Identify how you would advertise to get the attention of all those who matter in network marketing. It could be digital marketing, real-life hoardings, brochures and so on!
  5. Identify the movers, shakers, and influencers who matter. It could be a celebrity in the neighborhood, a school teacher, a politician…for that matter, anyone! Use them to gain the confidence of your would-be clients

Here goes for network marketing! Hope you do well and succeed. It IS hard work. But what isn’t!


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