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MAKE MORE MONEY by ranking better :3 Main things to avoid.


Since the past 15 years, the cyberspace has been experiencing a considerable growth. Today, Internet is not just a place where you see cats playing piano instead it is a much wider and bigger space where you can find thousands and thousands of websites. well that not it. Every single day Google makes its best effort to serve the best web results to its users by crawling through millions of websites and rank them accordingly. This article is all about things to avoid for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1. Avoid Plagiarism

In the beginning of 2011, Google came up with an update called The Panda Update. The primary objective of it was to eradicate the act of content duplication. If you are someone who believes in just copy-pasting material from different source there are two possibilities either you’re website is ruined, or its about to get ruined (by ruined i don’t mean your site will be ceased, it’s just that now your site will be ranked on the 25th page of the search result)

2. Avoid getting back linked from fake websites

Getting back linked by a few websites is an easy way to get better ranked on google. But in 2011 many spammers used fake websites to get backlinked and ranked better. So Google came up with a new update and they called it the penguin update. After the update, all the websites that were practicing this technique had to face a significant loss in rank. So if you ever find your website getting backlinked from such websites. Better get it off. You can use tools like the google disavow tool.

3. Avoid Keyword stuffing

Avoid uselessly stuffing your content/website with keywords. Once upon a time Google just blindly ranked anyone that had loaded their websites with tons of keywords. Well, Google realized that this could lead to not providing a better and precise result to its user. So they launched another big new update called hummingbird. This update ensured that your content and your keywords are relevant and genuine.

These were some common techniques that websites used to get better ranked on Google, But they didn’t really care much about the value of content. If you want to stand out in 2018, You need to make sure that your content is genuine and valuable. If you ensure that, you have won half the battle. In Google’s perspective, they believe in serving their users with the best results So why not we do the same thing. And yes, it is time-consuming but in a long run, Your website will be the one to stand out.

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