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Make money through google adsense

For those who have/ had the pleasure of living in homes with high boundary walls, the site of people pasting advertisements on these walls is nothing new. You could either cringe in horror and wring your hands or you could beat up the chap putting the ads OR you could make money by asking the guy to pay. The last bit about asking the advertiser to pay for advertisements posted on a wall is something the digital marketers have clued onto for the idea called making money from Adsense!

And why not? It’s not exactly illegal and uses resources very wisely! Now imagine if someone does that to your blog or website or webpage or social media page!

Making money through Adsense is thus an idea whose time has come! By including a relevant advertisement on any site which corresponds with the basic idea of the advertisement, everyone gets everything. The site owner gets his cut for hosting the advertisement, the one facilitating it like Google gets its cut and the advertiser gets good mileage in the form of leads of people who upon seeing the advertisement(s), click on it, get diverted to the advertiser’s site and buy the product. Even if the click does not end in a sale, it registers as a valid reason for the site owner to be paid, given that the website/ blog has hosted the ad.

On how does it work, a list of keywords posted on the search engine’s website is used to crawl through all website which features those words and ideas. Once an advertiser bids for the keywords, the search engine goes through the keywords and assigns the advertisement to those places/ websites which match the keywords. One going through the website and clicking on the advertisements sets the cash registers ringing!

As for the website which wants to feature Adsense words and phrases, it is easier said than done. They need to have content (including blogs, photos, caricatures etc) which matches the search engine’s requirements. Also, the structure of the website too ought to be supportive of such ads. These are no cakewalks as most search engines are rather strict with their guidelines and website have known to be removed from the list of those featuring Adsense ads!

As to the advantages of Adsense to make money besides making money online, they are quite a few, like:

  1. If the advertisements and the website’s content complement each other, their ranking goes up and so too earnings
  2. It is an additional and easy way to earn money online for the site owner which in these times of competition are hard to come by
  3. Visitors get a very, very rich and satisfying experience of browsing online while other make money through AdSense online.
  4. Beside Adsense to make money, it helps increase the ranking of the site where the advertisements get frequent clicks!
  5. Website owners make money through Adsense and at the same time their site is taken seriously by those readers/ visitors who come there only for the content.
  6. Adsense to make money has to have complementarity between the website and the product being sold. This gets achieved pretty fast!

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