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Make deal with websites to make money

Make deal with websites to make money

Aggregation on the internet is where a web site or computer software aggregates syndicated web content on a wide variety of topics and nearly all aggregator websites will follow similar methods to monetize the websites.

E-commerce Affiliate Revenue.

By definition, an aggregator syndicates content from other websites and so an e-commerce affiliate is a website which links back to an e-commerce site such as with the goal of making a commission for referred sales.  There are hundreds of daily deal sites on the web now and many of them have a way to sign up as an affiliate so that if you send traffic to their website and that traffic ends up purchasing – you generate a commission.

Certain daily deal websites do not offer an affiliate program.  Business Insider recently reported that Living Social has  just cut out daily deal aggregators from their affiliate program, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically stop featuring them using your daily deal software.

Your goal with a daily deal aggregator site should be the “one stop shop for all daily deals”, and there are other methods to generate revenue from your aggregator aside from affiliate revenue.

A quick search engine search will help you find daily deal affiliate programs.  Just search “daily deal site name Affiliate Program” OR  visit the website and browse the footer links for an affiliate program link and proceed to follow the sign up instructions.

Run an Ad Serving Program

One of the main ways that you can generate revenue from your daily deal aggregator wesbsite (or just about any type of website for that matter) is by running advertising on your site.  There are many programs such as; Google Adwords, Amazon Associates Program,,, and many others that allow you to grab a feed and they will run ads on your website.  A search engine search of “ad serving programs” will help you find many places to find to serve ads on your website.

When someone clicks on of the advertisements featured on your website, you will get paid a small fee.  The more traffic and eyeballs that you have visiting your website, the more revenue you can expect to make.

Building A Relationship With Your List.

Touching back to the main goal of a daily deal aggregator website, “be the one stop shop for all daily deals,” a primary goal that you should have is to continually build a geo-targeted list of prospects interested to hear about the deals featured on your website.  This list is incredibly important and can be incredibly lucrative if managed properly.

Daily emails should be sent to your list about the various deals that the prospect might be interested in.  Ideally, the emails should be geo-targeted (based on their location), and also targeted based on the categories that the prospect has expressed interest in.

With our new hosted daily deal aggregate software – we have it built in to automatically communicate with your subscribers based on location and categories selected.  This makes profiting from your list easier and more efficient for you.

You can also communicate with your list about other special offers, deals, or promotions, but you just want to be sure to make your email broadcasts relevant and to the point, or else you will get many SPAM complaints and unsubscribes.

Joint Ventures.

Once you have established your daily deal aggregator site as a top contender and one that has a large userbase and experiences a lot of traffic, the possibility of doing Joint Ventures with other business owners becomes available to you.

You want to work out a natural, mutual, and beneficial  arrangement with the Joint Venture partner that makes sense for his business, your business, and both of your prospects and clients.  You can do ad swaps, where you both do an email blast to your prospect lists promoting each others websites.  You can work it out to feature your Joint Venture partners advertisement on your website for a certain amount of time in exchange for him or her promoting your website to his list of prospects.

The potential joint venture arrangements truly can go on and on, but once you have the leverage – you can work out just about anything that makes sense for you and the other business owner.

Social Media

Your daily deal aggregator website should be connected with your Facebook fan page, your Twitter, and your YouTube and LinkedIn accounts.  You should be building your fanbase on these websites as a byproduct of correctly running your daily deal aggregator site (or any site).

From your social media presence you can begin recommending and promoting related products and services and gain affiliate revenue.  You can also promote your own products or services.

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