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Know easy ways to sell stuff to make money

Know easy ways to sell stuff to make money

eBay is one of the top 10 most trafficked sites on the entire Internet, so it’s no wonder that when that pang of consumerist desire hits us, we head straight to eBay. Auctions can be addictive, waiting for that final 10 seconds as you place you last bid; finding that ever elusive bargain!

Make account

If you’re first learning how to sell on eBay and just starting out, you have zero reputation so don’t go jumping in there trying to sell that $10,000 yacht. No-one is going to trust you yet.

Start small, selling cheap items that people are more likely to take a gamble on then gather as much feedback and ratings as you can. Be sure to follow up on sold items with a message to the buyer requesting feedback – and give your own.

Find Packaging Beforehand

There’s nothing wrong with charging the buyer for postage, but to minimize your losses be sure to measure and weigh your package before listing the item don’t just estimate what it will cost, or you’ll either be shortchanged for low-balling it, or putting off potential buyers for charging more than everyone else. If you use PayPal integration, eBay even allows you to print off a prepaid postage label that you can then drop off at a post office.

Offering free postage and packaging is certainly going to make your listing stand out, and many buyers will specifically search only for listings with free postage & packing, but consider your costings before choosing this.

Know Your Fees

For the most part, you can list an item without any insertion fees — this means you pay nothing to just list it, so if the item doesn’t sell you haven’t lost anything. Once you start adding in featured services though, your insertion fees increase even if it doesn’t result in a sale.

I’ve never felt the need to use these options, but if your item is particularly niche then you may wish to use reserve or buy-it-now prices, in the event that the auction expires and it is still priced at 99 cents. For most items, these are unnecessary and just eat away at your profits. Then there’s the flat rate final sale fee — 10% of the value. That’s on top of any listing fees you incurred. If you do a lot of selling in one month, these can really add up, and your bill at the end of month will be a lot higher than what you were expecting. Plan for this in advance or believe me, you will get a shock.


By default, your listing will finish seven days from when you posted it but this isn’t always ideal. Sunday afternoons are said to be the busiest time for eBayers, so aim to either post at that time or pay a small fee to schedule the listing.

Offer PayPal Payment

If you don’t have a PayPal account, get one. It offers security and protection for the buyer — and if you refuse to use PayPal on some kind of moral grounds, you really shouldn’t be selling things online. A listing which specifically doesn’t accept PayPal is perceived at worst to be untrustworthy, at best more bother than it’s worth. UK sellers — you don’t have a choice anyway, PayPal is a requirement.

Use a Template. Maybe

For power-sellers and companies, a branded template is a must. For personal users though, it may give off the wrong impression — I would actually not purchase from an individual using a professional template as it makes me think they’re not just “spring cleaning” and perhaps trying to make a genuine business of it.

Even worse, the seller has chosen a nauseating design with comic sans font. If the details are in the slightest bit hard to read, I’ll move swiftly on to other choices.

Make a Storefront

The ultimate in professional branding for your eBay presence, a storefront will make it easy for users to see all of your goods in one professional-looking place. Creating a storefront costs a small monthly fee — from $20 — and comes with a quota of free listings. eBay actually provides a few decent looking storefront templates for you to download grab one from here but of course you have full creative control if you want it.

That’s all I’ve got for you but I’d love to hear your tips on how to sell on eBay in the comments if you think I’ve missed something important.

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