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Important ways to make money online for people with disability

Important ways to make money online for people with disability

If you are disabled there are lots of ways to make money online on the side in easy and unexpected ways, even if you are not very mobile. If you are stuck and home and unable to leave the house then you might be tempted to think there are no money-making opportunities for you but you would be wrong. There are loads of ways you can make some money from home – from online surveys to setting up a blog.

Here is a list of just some of the many ways people with disabilities can make extra money, without loads of hassle and many of them are not only handy for bringing in the cash, they are also fun to do!

Make money with online surveys

Online surveys are great ways to make some extra cash, with very little effort required. Simply sign up to a safe, secure online survey site and you’ll be paid cash for filling out their surveys. They don’t require a special commitment – you can fill them in during the ads of your favorite TV shows or whenever you have a spare half an hour. Some sites let you swap your earned points for cash or great vouchers such as Amazon gift cards. For the online survey sites that we approve of see our article here and start making money today. Just remember, never pay to sign up to an online survey site.

Make easy money writing into online magazines

Magazines are often looking for true life stories from ordinary people – you can make a lot of money from telling yours. Very few people actually write into magazines with their true life stories so there is plenty of opportunities to get in contact with the features teams of magazines and sell yours. Stories can vary and you can talk about anything – magazines look for stories of tragedy, hope, inspiration or humor. The process is simple. Phone up or email a journalist or contact the features team via email and tell them briefly about the story you are interested in selling. You can get your money in as little as two weeks!

Make money reading

If you can spot grammatical errors from a mile off then proofreading is the perfect career for you. To be a proofreader you must have an excellent standard of English and strong attention to detail so you can spot all the errors in documents and manuscripts. There is no set entry requirements for becoming a proofreader but relevant experience is a bonus and if you’ve got a degree in English, that won’t hurt either! As a proofreader, your job is to find any changes that must be made and perhaps come up with some questions to get the editor thinking.

Become name online and make extra cash

Do you have something you want to share with the world? Have you got opinions the world needs to hear? Then consider setting up a blog. Blogs can be about absolutely anything. They can be personal or you could simply write about a subject that you find particularly interesting. If you have something interesting to say, then write it. It is often very therapeutic and you can make good money on the side from blogging if your blog becomes successful.

Make money hourly as Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant positions are a great opportunity to make money if you are skilled on the computer but not very mobile. To be a virtual assistant you must have solid office administrative experience preferably five years at least. Being computer literate is also important because, when working at home, you rely on yourself and will not have specialist IT support if you’re having technical difficulties. There is demand for virtual assistants particularly by small businesses who can’t afford full-time admin support. Some businesses also employ virtual assistants on a temp basis to work from home as they only require secretarial support every now and again.

Make money chatting to people

Make money calling up companies. If you’re not mobile, there are loads of jobs over the phone for mystery shoppers. Your job will be to call a company and you will be given a list of questions to ask. All you have to do is report their response. Mystery shoppers are also needed in the online world. Your role will be to contact and send specific inquiries to websites. You will monitor the speed and contact of the response. Again, you will probably provide your feedback through a straightforward and simple questionnaire. You will only be paid when you have reported your findings. Once you have done your bit, you will usually be paid within 24 hours of your assignment.

Make money sitting around

Believe it or not, good money can be made from house sitting. House sitters are desirable for individuals who leave their properties for long periods of time on business. The responsibilities of house sitters can include looking after pets, keeping the house clean and tidy and other very basic duties. Altogether, house sitters are not required to do very much at all and are paid good money for their services as they are mainly there as a deterrent for burglars and someone to keep the house ticking over while the owners are away.

Make money tasting food and watching adverts

Focus groups are a particularly fun and interesting way to make money on the side. Focus Groups vary from filling out paid surveys for a couple of weeks to going in and reviewing and assessing various products and even TV ads before their release! It’s an exciting opportunity to make some good cash and even meet people from all different walks of life.  and great for individuals who love testing products and meeting new people. You will also share your views on services you use.

Make money selling your old stuff

Have you got piles of used books, DVDs, games, and CDs cluttering up your room? Why not make some extra money by selling them on? As they say, tidy house, tidy mind and you’ll be a good bit richer. Sell on sites like Ziffit, Amazon, and eBay. On Ziffit you can simply type in the barcode and find out how much cash you can get.

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