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GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM ORGANICALLY: Make more money by boosting your following

As we all know Instagram is a very popular photo-sharing app that has about 800 million active users. And it’s quite obvious to say that Instagram has a huge online community. This is a great platform to promote your business-brand online. In this article, we are gonna discuss on how you can grow your instagram audience significantly.

#1 Being specific

You have to be specific about what your content is all about. You can’t just randomly keep posting about stuff. If your page is about Photography, You should just post things that are related to photography. In this way, your audience will know what to expect from you.

#2 Block Inactive users/Bots

Till 2017 people used to follow/unfollow to gain followers. Well, this was an option back then to increase your following, but people were not really getting engaged with your content. And people engaging with your content is the key to getting appeared in the explore section. So Block all the inactive users, in short-term you will lose following but In a long-term, you will have the more engaged audience.

#3 Hashtags

Writing hashtags in the caption could be a good way for appearing on the explore page of people who like searching for your category. But never Exceed the limit of 20 hashtags as it will not be effective . Try to be as Concise as possible.     


#4 Getting plugged/collaborations

Well its evident to say that Instagram being such a big community may have many other profiles as the same category of yours, So reaching out to these websites and requesting for a shout-out could be a great way to gain followers. But in order to make such proposition you should also be giving out some value. Well it could be you plugging them in your stories or tagging them in your posts.

#5 Timings

Avoid posting at odd times as this Could not be efficient for your post to get recognized by more traffic. Well you obviously, Nobody is going to be active at 2am to look at your post. So define your target audience and try to analyse the perfect time when you have the maximum amount of people active. (Quick protip: You don’t really have to rely on trial and error all the time, you can use the analysis tab on the top and look at the previous posts performances)

#7 Reply to comments

Replying to comments could be a great way to engage with your audience, And increase the number of comments on your post which will help Instagram realize that your post is more interactive which will lead your posts to appear on the explore page much faster.

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