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Find chance to make money online without any investment

Find chance to make money online without any investment

There are many simple, legitimate online jobs that can earn you few Thousands every month and get rich. There is no need for any qualification, experience or any technical knowledge to start these online tasks.

Given are the selected lists for the best online jobs that you can go and earn money. The biggest benefit is that, you need not pay a single dime in terms of investment!

Click ads

This is easiest online job because even a 10 years kid can do this. In this work, you need to click & view the ads & get paid for clicking each & every ad. You can earn $200 to $400 or more if you work 15-30 minutes daily on legitimate PTC (get paid to click) sites. There are more than 100 PTC sites. These websites gives you chance so that you can really earn some good income without investment. To enjoy this facility, there are some steps you need to follow to earn from this program. Firstly, join some best & legitimate PTC sites. Then, login to your account daily and view all your ads daily.

Complete online tasks

Through this program, you get paid to complete offers or GPT is another concept similar to ad clicking jobs where you can earn extra $200+ by working 15-30 minutes daily. In this online job, you need to work on various tasks like signup on a website, playing games, participating in forums, completing small surveys, watching videos etc. There are many websites that provide GPT offers where if you signup & work on these sites, you can earn some good income.

Typing Captcha

This is also very simple internet job where you have to type the Captcha to earn money. Captcha images contains 4-10 characters which you have to identify & enter. You can earn  money on number of Captchas typed. You can type 1000 Captchas in 1-2 hours depending upon your typing speed. If you work 4 hours daily, then you can earn upto USD $400 solving Captchas.

Earn from smartphone

This is one of the best way to make some income from your Smartphone whether it is Android Smartphone or an iPhone. There are hundreds of best mobile apps which pay you for completing simple offers. There are CashPirate, Rewardable, Gigwalk, CheckPoints and many moreapps which has thousands of satisfied members & pay better income. You can install these apps & make money by completing offers like playing free games, trying some offers, watching videos, installing apps, signup on sites, completing sort surveys & many other things.

Small jobs

You can call this micro-jobs or crowd-sourcing jobs. There are thousands of small tasks on internet that only a human can do & is not possible with the help of software and that is where the concept of micro-job come. Here people work on very small task and for each and every task they complete, they get paid. You can earn $0.05 to $1 for very small task like sharing something in your social profile, finding a contact details online, solving a captcha, review a product etc. There are many such websites which provide these types of small-micro jobs. There are many people who earn more than $200 every month by working part time on these sites.

Money from Facebook profiles

One of the best online jobs for people who has large number of friends & followers on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. There are number of companies who wants to promote their products & brands on social networks. If you have good following in any of the social network then you can get paid $20 to $1000 for promoting just 1 brand for 1 time among your followers.

Do network marketing

If you know any legit network marketing company then there is no better online opportunity than this to make money. Only thing you need to do is promote your company on internet. There are thousands of people who earn good income promoting their MLM company.

Try forex trading

This is one of the most effective online job from home for people like homemaker, retired and part timers who has good knowledge of share market. If you are a beginner then start reading business news, watch business channels & follow the rules of responsible trading to earn good income from this job. There is much opportunity in this domain and there are chances for you to earn better income from this online work.

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