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E-publishing and the art of money-making

This is the age of the great nothingness that none-the-less brings in a lot of opportunity to make money. The invisible entity we call the internet coupled with digitization of every piece of written work have brought a virtual revolution in the way we write, publish and read, irrespective of languages. The days of paper though not over has got some tough competition from the cyber-world where newer, better and more innovative gadgets are being brought forth almost every day. Right from the ability to change fonts to suit individual needs, these gadgets can even explain the meaning of tough-to-understand words! And yes, e-books i.e., the books which can be read of these gadgets do not require shelves upon shelves to be stored in or any kind of concerns which papers go through.

If this seems interesting and you do have the bug to publish your own books irrespective of types, the field of e-publishing on your own could be of great help to you.

How does it work?

With publishing houses such as White Falcon, Realty Premedia and Genius Publications to name a few being around to help you publish your tome, it is no more a tedious task of finding pubishers, printing and then getting down to the most tedious activity- marketing. With the likes of Amazon and Flipkart to sell your books on an gadgets such as kindle, note books and even laptop screens, an e-book gets a wide audience in a matter of days- if not hours. With the right kind of online publicity at the hands of known publishers and even e-tailers like those mentioned above, a classily published e-book is a delight in any hand. Speaking of hands, the best part about an e-book is that it does not have any of the problems associated with paper like storage, physical sales, spoilage, movement etc. Since the software takes care of all this, the printing-press and logistics go straight out of the window! And speaking of windows, most e-books after its usage is over do not line any window shelves. Yes, they go from one gadget to another to another at the blink of an eye!

How to make it a success?

Go with established names in the first instance like those mentioned above. They guide you with everything right from language changes, flow of matter, placement of text, pictures and graphics to even the final looks of your books.

Keep your books priced at a competitive range. For beginners, this is very crucial. You want to be read and remembered and not read half-way through and thought of as an un-necessary expense. Keep prices such that they seem worthwhile.

Insist on digital marketing on all possible mediums + forums. The cyberworld is in a state of constant churn. Social media forums are floated and sunk at incredible speeds. For advertising your tome in the right circles among people who matter, go with folks who walk the talk and talk sense. You may have the budget but what if you get stuck with folks who over-commit and under-deliver, a scenario not exactly unexpected or unusual in the field of digital marketing. Simply, go with folks with the right experience.

Follow-up with your readers. Be it through physical letters, emails, whatsapp messages or social-media responses, you should be in constant tough with as many of your readers as possible- preferably on a one-to-one basis. They are the ones after-all who shall read your stuff and rate you. DO NOT BRIBE THEM. A book review can be entirely different from asking an established reader or a section of them to give their views. So beware. Keep them in good books by being good with your book!

Facts to know

A few e-tailers even give the facility of marketing on their own for books that show promise! Yes, if for a few weeks your book shows up on the screens as a best-seller, they take it upon themselves to promote your tome bringing you income for all times to come!

For those of you who want to earn for a long time and want to be known, there couldn’t be a better way than publishing your own e-books!

Go for it!

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