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Doctors can find ways to make money online

Doctors can find ways to make money online

Doctors also have the opportunity in the online world to make money online. There are many websites that are available in the internet that you can use to give consultation and earn extra money.

Making money online is not only suitable to the freelancer and unemployment people, it also can be a great source of money to the professionals like Doctors. Basically doctors never apply online money making method because, they don’t have extra time to invest. But still I think it’s not bad if a doctor can manage his/her monthly petrol bill online by solving patients’ health relate issues on the go.

There are a few great medical consulting websites where a doctor can earn money by advising patients online. These websites are acting like virtual clinics where patients and doctors are consulting through digital platform. Now, if you are a doctor then, you can earn up to-$95 for each consultation. You just need to register to start your virtual clinic now.

Health care magic

This site pays up to $5 for every answer. First, you need to answer public forum which will give you $0.2 apx. After providing 100 good answers, you will able to receive premium questions which worth $5. Here is no joining fees.


It’s an online medical consulting site where doctors can make money online. This site doesn’t offer doctor commotion chart for public view. You need to join eVaidya Pvt Ltd which is the parent company for income list.


It’s also medical website. Lybrate is very useful and flexible medical consulting site and it offers doctors to choose whether a consultation is free or not, even for private chat. But, doctors need to pay a little monthly charge to get these online facilities.

American Well

Yes, it’s an US based medical consulting site, but it can be accessible to the world wide patients and doctors. Here a doctor will get a high consulting fee ($49 to $95, depending on the category and consulting time. Download the agreement from PDF) than other site. Although, here is no need to pay any registration fees, but doctors will be charged $10 (as service fee) after January 1, 2016. To register American well, a doctor need to call customer care after submitting the online form.


It’s also an excellent website to monetize your extra time by answering the questions and phone calls from patients. Although it’s an Indian website, still you can get worldwide patients from here. The commission chart for doctors is not available for public. So, you need to join as a doctor to know that. It’s free.

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