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Do typing data entry work to make quick money online

Do typing data entry work to make quick money online

Data entry is great because work can typically be completed with a computer and an Internet connection — and without setting foot in an office — data-entry jobs are well-suited for remote or online work. The Web abounds with at-home employment scams, however, making legitimate money-making opportunities a challenge to find. Once you understand how to find the genuine data-entry jobs, you can focus your efforts on marketing your services and begin landing clients and making money.

The need for typists to complete data entry tasks and convert audio recordings into Word documents is great. In these times, you do not necessarily need years of experience because some companies do not mind working with newbies for entry level positions. However, for professional typists, the potential for making serious cash online is much greater. Read on to learn about the different kinds of typing jobs available and the skills needed to get hired for one.


Transcription involves listening to audio recordings such as phone messages, interviews, lectures and videos, then typing out the contents you hear into a Word document. In most cases, transcription can be placed into three categories namely general, medical and legal.

  1. General transcription covers a wide range of transcription jobs and most companies hiring in this category will recruit Transcribers with different levels of skill and equipment..
  2. Legal transcription is another type of general transcription that requires typists to be familiar with legal terms and procedures. Most times, you will have to use a relevant skill or employ some legal knowledge to perform the job satisfactorily.
  3. Medical transcription is another type of transcription that requires certification plus at least two years or more experience in the field. Your role is to transcribe medical documents for Physicians or medical practitioners. You must have good knowledge of medical terms to work in this field

To learn more about transcription, browse through this list of helpful articles I have gathered from a few of my favorite blogs. You can also dive right in and find jobs by looking at this list of work-at-home transcription companies.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the easiest typing jobs to do because you need little to no experience to get started. Since these data entry jobs are quite popular it is common to find many work at home scams that have been dressed up to look legitimate. Most times, these sites charge fees while real data entry companies will NEVER CHARGE FEES! It is therefore very important to recognize how to avoid online scams targeted towards those looking for data entry jobs.

To learn more about data entry see the following articles below or if you would like to find a position, see this list of online data entry jobs.


Captioning is a little different from general transcription work. Instead of typing out the content you hear from a recorded file, you are required to type in real-time from a live video. Typically, this job requires you to type at a fast pace and is therefore ideal for experienced transcribers that want to transition to this career.

Alternatively, you can also work as an offline captioner, which requires less typing speed and experience. Nevertheless, this work at home job still needs you to have some basic training as well as experience to succeed.

The Typical Task List

While different types of data-entry jobs exist, the basic nature of the job involves entering company data into a document, spreadsheet or database-management system. Online contractors are granted remote access to records and other private data for the purpose of database entry, calculation resolution and analysis that is eventually reported back to the client. Some data-entry jobs also involve a great deal of voice transcription, and others rely on 10-key input and are purely numerical in nature. Clients may also expect you to conduct surveys, perform background research, scan photos and shred or dispose of confidential documents.

Common Qualifications

Most data-entry positions require only a high school or GED diploma, although additional, industry-specific experience and skills will likely be necessary. Contracts with law firms, for example, will likely require proficiency in legal terminology, whereas a health care facility will expect certification in medical billing and coding. Clerical experience, such as record management, transcription and bookkeeping, will also be beneficial, as will a familiarity with office software — especially Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. You can hone other skills, such as accelerated typing speed and keyboard accuracy, through practice and experience.

Salary and Top Industries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, office-based data-entry keyers average $13.47 per hour, or $28,010 per year, with the top 10 percent earning as much as $20 per hour or $41,610 per year. While these statistics reflect data about jobs within an office, remote positions typically garner similar take-home pay — according to a 2013 article in the “San Francisco Chronicle” that compared remote and office salaries. Industries with the most data-entry employees and highest salaries include government agencies, elementary and middle schools, and organizations offering accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services.

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