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How to build an online business (2018)

It’s 2018, People have managed to earn a living through an internet connection.

But the question is We just talk about, ‘yes, earning through internet is possible’, How did they do that?

There are people who make a million dollars owning an online business but there are also people who have lost a million dollars and probably managed to get broke.

We all know how to do it, very few know how to do it right

In this article, I’m gonna walk you through how to actually do it right.

So let’s take a step back and look at the very basics.

Niche: You need to figure out what’s your niche. It is the first step every business owner takes but end up screwing thousands of different irrelevant ideas into one thing. Just focus on what’s important, and consider things that are directly related to your product/service that will serve value to both, you and the customer.

Generate Traffic: Once you have figured out your niche, the second step is to generate traffic. There are several platforms that you could use to boost your traffic and public engagement like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc

Strategy: If you own a property online like a website. You need to strategize, How you will keep the audience engaged, You need to coordinate your content with product promotion.

Test: This is one of the biggest advice anyone could ever give you, Test to see what’s working and what’s not. It’s a never-ending process. Always strive to improve.

Don’t give up: Building an online business is time-consuming. No matter how easy it is, It does take time to grow. And within this course, You need to put out great value and never give up putting out value. Getting recognized is not easy.

But Believe, Work, Repeat.

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