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Blogging tips and tricks 2018

Blogging a few years ago

Blogging back then was a great way to share your own perspective on a subject or people also used to it to share their experiences online.

It was like writing a diary, But online for people to read

But as time passed, Blogging became a great way to make money as it is considered to be a great marketing tool.

But you might be wondering,… Its 2018, World is at blogging (Video logs), Why are we still talking about writing an effective blog.

Well because…

There is no getting around the fact that blogging is still a great/effective option to bring in more traffic through effective SEO.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to effectively write blogs and put out useful/engaging content and boost your traffic.

#1 Define your workflow: Before starting off, You need to design a proper work. Everyone has a different workflow. A good workflow leads to getting the job done more efficiently in less time. If you don’t have a proper system to work, You probably are going to mess up on every new project.

#2 Concept: The first thing that you need to start off with is, being certain about your concept. To define your concept, You need to make it clear for the audience to understand. While choosing a concept/Topic you should analyze, How engaging it is. And to do that you can visit other blog sites and see what people are willing to consume.

#3 Transitions:  While writing a blog, many people often end up jumping from topics to other topics abruptly, which is not really understandable to the reader. Hence you also need to think from the readers perspective and make it as easy to read as possible.

#4 SEO: At the end of the day, it’s all about getting people on your website. To do that, No matter how good your blog is, You need to make it visible to people. Hence you do need to know a few basic SEO skills, that will eventually help you to get more traffic.

#5 Persistence: You need to have patience and persistence in this field. As it takes a lot of hard work, content, time to get your stuff recognized to people. You just have to not give up and keep writing for a good long time.




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