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Blogging and the art of making money

If you are a selfie buff and seem to use the camera for short videos more than the ear-piece and microphone (the latter of course to make a normal call!), this could be just the right time to make short videos and make some decent movies!

Why, there are folks who make entire feature films on a handicam! So, take heart!

Vlogging short for video blogging is something most of us can do, provided we have a few essential skills, namely:

  1. The knack to make good, good videos (not many of us can make neat videos without the customary jerks and shakes!), and
  2. The knack of speaking fluently and confidently in extempore mode- yes on the spur without a script and in full flow with all commas and full-stops being taken care of.
  3. The knack to edit the video as per demand, and
  4. The knowledge to post the same where it shall get us the right number of eye-balls.

Even if you don’t have all or any of these, the primary things is that you should like taking videos. It could be inside a restaurant, a zoo, a beach, a resort, a trek or any other place about which the world would like to know more about.

You could start your own website rating others’ labour of love like restaurants, resorts, hotels, factories, offices….and many more.

You could start your own impromptu rating system where you take a weekly round-up of interesting places and tell the world more about things.

Some activities are just too impromptu to bring along video recording equipment at the spur of the moment. In such cases, the knack of creating vlogs can help immensely. A sudden downpour, a garden in full bloom, an unexpected arrival of someone special or known, these are only some of the circumstances in which a vlog shot impromptu and put online can really bring lots of accolades to the creators!

As for the earning potential, these could include:

  1. Making the vlogs for someone against agreed consideration
  2. Making vlogs and putting it on sites like to be viewed against certain fee
  3. Back-linking vlogs on to one’s website
  4. Making specialized vlogs for a whole industry (like engineering) where the same video simultaneously features on more than one website as it is linked to


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