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Blogging and the art of making money!

This post is for those who specialize in some activity or the other and want to make money writing about it. It is tough but it is exciting.

Suppose you love electronics and can read and write about it all day! Yes, you do have a potential income source in blogging- provided you can write exactly what there is on your mind & provided you know what people want to read.

Welcome to the world of blogging as a source of income!

Blogging typically are of two kinds. First, your own blogs and secondly ghost-written blogs i.e., stuff you write for someone else where the credit goes to the person for whom you write.  Our discussion today is about you as a blogger.

First thing first! How do you make money blogging?

Bloggers make money in the following ways:

  • Advertisement: They either place ads of sellers directly on their sites or go thru bodies like Google Ads who advertise for their clients. Either ways, they get a stream of income coming their way.
  • Affiliate marketing: Bloggers also sell the services and products of other companies directly by placing advertisements either on their sites or on those of others.
  • Selling own products and services: What stops a blogger from selling his/ her own products and services? If I am an electronics engineer with a passion for the field, wouldn’t it be in the order of things if I also sell my own products and services in the domain?
  • Commissioned writing: Continuing from the above, if I am good at electronics and passionate about it, would I shy away if someone from the same field asks me to write for them? Money is money be it from my own site or from someone elses!

Second, who should ideally become bloggers?

Experience shows that the following types make successful bloggers:

  • People with a flair for writing who additionally are passionate about a field: You can’t possibly write if you aren’t well-read enough. And you read well ONLY if you have the passion. Most folks who are great at writing but do not seem to have a field end up becoming good ghost-writers for others
  • People who have the patience to see things grow slowly (and sometimes no growth at all!): Yes, bloggers do not find success immediately. Digital marketing and all the jazz besides, what really gets you the moolah is loads of patience which sees you through when times are really, really lean.
  • People who keep themselves abreast with the latest in their field. If you publish stuff very infrequently and that too jaded stuff, the net is full of folks who will bypass you like you never existed. Worse, if you bug them beyond a point, they could make life pretty miserable for you on all the known media sites. So, be fresh or be off!
  • People who are in love with digital marketing, the cyber-world and everything electronic. This being a medium that has found favour only with the spread of the internet, websites, cyber-space and electronics, it is only expected that one aspiring to be at the top be well-versed with this field, its movers and drivers and ways to stay on top for times to come.
  • People who are open to all manner of ideas to make money. As mentioned before, blogging is not restricted to writing for the self but also for others. One with a rigid stand on who they shall write for may end up being the loser in a field where competition is cut-throat. You don’t want to write for others, someone else will. And the someone else may take the cake with a bit of icing on it. If you are comfortable in your circles, you may not bother, but if you are not and carry an attitude, you may end up being just where you are.
  • People who are experimental. Someone with a flair for electronics may in addition to blogging may be expected to do “vlogging” as well! If you have the flair to stand before a camera and speak extempore, you could just be making an additional source of income for yourself. Blogging thus is for the experimental. One thing can sometimes lead to quite another.

So folks, if you have it in you to become a blogger, do become one. Besides providing you with a source of income, provided you are good, it could also get you some recognition!


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