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Become tour guide and earn money online

Become tour guide and earn money online

You can make money online by becoming local tour guide! Does not it sounds really exciting. Read the full excerpt to know about the whole idea.

It used to be difficult to set up and run a guide business; connecting with customers coming from far away was perhaps the biggest challenge. But you no longer have to convince travel agencies to recommend your services or design and print fancy brochures. Now you can sign up and connect with travelers on one of several online platforms, even if you have no experience. And some guides make up to $60 per hour showing people the sights.


Shiroube means to be a guide in Japanese, but community manager Ben Thrui explained that as a guide in their peer-to-peer tourism marketplace you may receive requests outside the usual touristy options. Other services you can offer include language lessons and nature hikes. Our goal is to build a new market based on the power of local people and what they can provide as a tourism service. It is up to you to negotiate your rates and collect money from clients. That bit of extra work means saving the guide fee, which on other peer-to-peer websites can be as high as 30% of what the traveler pays. At the moment Shiroube is not one of the big players in the US.


When you sign up as a guide with Vayable, you are called an Insider. Vayable Insiders are independent people who create unique experiences to share with others. Anyone with unique knowledge, skills or access can earn money offering an experience as a Vayable Insider. Vayable carefully vets all Insiders for quality and safety. Their guides include students, writers, musicians, architects, poets, dancers and more. As a guide you are supposed to “provide cultural enrichment, education and a good time. On average, Vayable guides earn $250 per tour, of which they take home $212 after the fee.


in various forms, we noted that some users basically need a person to show them around town. Since you can accept or reject any friend requests and charge what you like, you can essentially sell your services as a tour guide on RentAFriend. You are explicitly selling your services as a tour guide. In fact, when you sign up as a Local Friend you will read that, you must know the main aspects of your city: history, culture, geography, main buildings, politics etc. as an informed local. Instead of designing a concept tour, you set up an individualized itinerary according to each visitor’s interests. Rent a Local Friend charges a $100 annual subscription, which gets you a page on their site and help with marketing. Travelers pay 30% of the tour price on the site and 70% to you at the end of your tour. For example, if you charge $300 for the day, the client will have paid $90 already, and your payment is the $210 you collect at the conclusion of your tour.


It takes a bit more work to sign up with ToursByLocals. They do two telephone interviews to see if you have the necessary qualifications, do a reference and background check, and confirm that you agree with their business principles. Then they confirm that you meet any local legal requirements to give tours. The latter qualification is easy in most cases. On many pages of the site they say “the majority of states do not require a guide to have a license. The same is true of most cities, although the local exceptions they note are New York City, New Orleans and the District of Columbia. Tours by Locals does not charge guides any upfront or subscription fees. They take a percentage of your tour fees, and although they do not specify how much on their website, one source says it is 20%. In exchange, they offer tools, training and $3 million in liability insurance.

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