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The Art of teaching others from your own experiences ONLINE….and making money out of it!

Not every MBA student makes a great business administrator and not every great business administrator has a fancy MBA degree. In fact, most great business administrators may not even be schooled!

What then is it that makes the most unlikely people successful and others unsuccessful?

Just one thing: the will to succeed.

And if you think you have succeeded to a reasonable level, you ought to share your experience with others. In fact, you could just create a whole course on how to succeed in your line of thoughts (or business!) and very easily create a good source of income for yourself.

Giving you the freedom to earn from your experience are a few realities of our times, namely:

  • The internet. Communication on the net has no boundaries. Your clients/students could be anywhere on the planet and yet be in constant touch with you. Besides giving accesses in varied forms, the quality of accesses with a net connection can be like a dream. Things like multi-media, graphics, AR, VR etc make the process of connectivity seamless and teaching-learning an amazing, sought-after experience.
  • The yearn to learn, irrespective of certifications and authorities. Peer pressure of a different kinds drives online courses these days. And thankfully, for once it is positive! If your audience has a positive image of you vis-à-vis what you want to teach, issues like course certification, methodologies adopted, people’s perception etc does not come in the picture.

A good example could be that of Mumbai’s famed “dabbawallas”. Their six-sigma certification is the stuff of legend. And all this with no apparent “systems” in place! They run training programs for the world’s top organizations… packed to capacity! Reason? People recognize their worth and what they have done, and are ready to learn from them.

If you too have similar experiences/ expertise, forget your qualifications (or the lack of it) or even the lack of ability to speak the Queen’s language (i.e., English), just focus on what you could give to others that they can value. For that, do the following:

  • Create a USP. The ability to sell combs to a bald is seriously difficuly. More so if it is on the net. To teach someone else to do it all the more difficult. If you have proven abilities of having done so, get it in the form of testimonials, flaunt it. That itself may create your USP. BUT, create it.
  • Know who your correct audience would be. Audience anaylsis may take some time. If it is something like a recipe or way to cook food, the audience without doubt would be house-spouses besides cooks and chefs at food joints. If it is technical, like the right way to weld metal, it could be very, very niche and only a handful may be expected to view your work and also come to you for more knowledge.
  • Study their characteristics- especially with respect to gaining knowledge and investing some money to do so. Any activity/ education/ course which guarantees an enhancement in income at its completion shall without doubt, find willing takers ready to pay. Managerial stuff which enhances skills may take some time for people to come around.
  • Create the right kind of content for both online and off-line learning. Make it interesting and use the services of seasoned experts. There are sites like, which lets you prepare your content and even promote it on these sites. In the west, e-tailers like amazon too help newbies start their own courses which is yet to function in India. But that could change fairly soon.
  • If promotion seems a problem in the above order, you may have to invest in creating your own website and promoting it over the social media. Initially it may seem harrowing but with time, you will understand how the social media works and ways to use it to your advantage. None-the-less, use this powerful tool to its fullest advantage
  • Price it right: On the internet, the crowds trying to sell courses far, far exceed what you find in pigeon-holes in any Indian city! That being the case, besides the correct USP, what you may need is to price your courses right. Too high and people just pass you; too low and folks get suspicious of your intentions.

Don’t let your valuable experience go waste. To you it may be money. To someone in dire need of the right kind of information/ experience, it could just mean the difference between life and economic death.

Teach. Besides getting you money and fame, it is also your moral responsibility to inform others the hows and whys of success!

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