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Affiliate Marketing: Basics

“Affiliate marketing”, A great way to generate passive income. A way to earn money by not being actively involved.

Many people also say it’s like making money while you sleep.

You’ll hear a bunch of people talking about being an affiliate and affiliate marketing. But what is affiliate marketing? How is it done?

In this article, we are gonna be diving into the basics of Affiliates/Affiliate marketing.

Don’t confuse  “affiliate marketing” with “affiliate marketers”.

Affiliate marketers are mostly Influencers that have a good amount of engaged traffic to their website, social media like facebook, Instagram etc. Affiliate marketers earn through promoting other brands to their traffic, and In return paid a commission/ A profit-cut/ a percentage of every customer the brand managed to sell through the affiliates influence.

Now affiliates could not just be a single person, It could be a blog or a website or a team as well.

When you think of affiliate marketing, It combines the whole process including the seller, the influencer, the consumer.

Let me explain briefly, The role of each above

The seller: The seller could also be called a merchant or a producer or a manufacturer. His role is to make a product. He is responsible for getting it designed, manufactured, packaged etc. He could also be a retailer that is willing to sell someone else’s product on a higher margin. If he decides to use “affiliate marketing”, his role in the process would be to approach certain influencers/affiliates to promote his product on certain terms.

The Influencer/Affiliate Marketer: The affiliate marketer, Ones approached by the seller could then agree to terms, and convince his traffic to convert into leads and customers. He/she/they could do this by reviewing it, by using it, by recommending it etc..etc…etc.

The consumer: The consumer has nothing to do with a share or commission or anything. According to the process, They are supposed to consume the content the influencer is putting out, Get influenced by it, and buy it.


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