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Affiliate marketing….and the art of increasing one’s income!

Affiliate marketing….and the art of increasing one’s income!

I scratch your back. You scratch mine. It comes down to being as simple as that!

Or is it? What??

The art of affiliate marketing and increasing one’s income!

Every entity trying to sell stuff would want to increase their sales. A rather obvious statement this! And in doing so, some do not mind paying others who do it for them- like a commission agent! And this is precisely what the field of affiliate marketing is all about! It is the 21st century, online way of selling stuff involving commission agents. As and when a sales takes place due to the efforts of the commission agent, the latter gets his/ her predetermined share of income. A rather straight and simple for of business, there is nothing new in it, just that the commission agent of yore and so too the seller have moved on from brick and mortar establishments to click and barter entities online.

In India, leading this form of sales are the biggies, Amazon and Flipkart. Of these, if figures are to be believed, Amazon seems to have an edge, probably given its global experience in the same.

And how does it work? Well, read on!

  1. Start your own website! This essentially means you read-up and educate yourself in some product or the other and try and gain a level of mastery. You are, after all going to sell a product! And how can you do that by not knowing adequately? This is purely an individual’s take depending upon his/ her interest and passion. Some love electronics, others cosmetics, some clothing accessories, others engineering product. The list depends entirely upon an individual and his or her interest and level of apparent expertise.
  2. Select the product you intend to promote and join the affiliate program! On Amazon, you do that here:

And to know what you would earn, click here:

  1. If the list seems humongous and difficult to decide, well you could always select from the e-tailers best-sellers! People know about them as it is and all that you need to do is promote it with the least bit of trouble! Click here:
  2. Write on the selected product for marketing at your end. Now that you have decided on what to sell and are confident with the subject, write a short article which shall inform your readers/ viewers/ browsers on what the product is, its USPs and other sales-related details. On this page, at a convenient location, place the link provided by the e-tailer. People show the “BUY NOW” prominently with the link closeby or within these words. On clicking, the link takes one directly to the e-tailers page for the final sale.
  3. Where sales takes place either directly from the affiliate link or indirectly after visiting the affiliate’s site within 24 hours, the sale is considered valid and the affiliate seller paid as per existing rate

Depending upon one’s interest in a field and one’s presence and exposure in cyber space, this could work out to be a great deal. In any case, it grows over a period of time. And where one is confident about promoting and handling various products, the sky could pale in comparison to one’s earning!

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Affiliate marketing….and the art of increasing one’s income!

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